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CycleStreets is a UK-wide cycle journey planner system, which lets you plan routes from A to B by bike. It is designed by cyclists, for cyclists, and caters for the needs of both confident and less confident cyclists.


CycleStreets was created by Simon Nuttall (lead developer) and Martin Lucas-Smith, both regular bicycle users based in Cambridge.

Development of this mobile HTML application was supported by Cycling Scotland and written by Anna Powell-Smith.


The map data is from OpenStreetMap, and we are immensely grateful to all the volunteers who created the base data. Map tiles are (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL. Please consider donating to OpenStreetMap.

Map tiles are also provided from OpenCycleMap, which is based on OpenStreetMap, and Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace.The mobile HTML application was developed using jQuery Mobile and Glyphish icons.


CycleStreets routes are based on OpenStreetMap data, and can therefore be re-used freely under the ODbL licence.

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CycleStreets is a non-profit organisation run by cyclists, for cyclists. You can support our work by:

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